E-learning "Electrical certifications - B1(V) / B2(2) / BR / BC"

Theoretical training: initial and refresher courses

Electrical certifications for non-electrical work: worker and foreman.

FICTIS PREVENTION offers an e-learning solution tailored to your employees who have to perform non-electrical operations in an electrical environment.


This e-learning module is intended for the personnel performing non-electrical work within the vicinity of exposed live parts or near electrical structures.

Objectives of the training

  • Preparing the B1, B1V, B2, B2V, BR, BC certifications in compliance with the NF C 18-510 French norm, approved on  December 21, 2011.
  • Safely carrying out non-electrical work.


  • you simply register your employees on our/your platform.
  • the learner can access the training modules via internet and can remotely exchange with a consultant (mail, telephone, forum…).
  • at the end of the training, the trainee is assessed.
  • a certificate is created and ready to send. The practical training will be carried out by your trainers.


Average duration of the training: 5h 30m maximum depending on the usage and the learner’s profile
Realisation and production: Fictis Prévention
Distribution medium: e-learning module
Languages: English, French.
Formacode : 24049
Fees: consult us


Customisation of the module

This module can be customised in both substance and form.
We can integrate:

  • your instructions;
  • your graphical charter.

    Initial training mode: the learner follows all the chapters and is assessed at the end of the course.

    Refresher mode: placement tests enable the learners to automatically provide the appropriate training to their knowledge. The refresher duration varies depending on the learners’ profiles.

    Chapter 1 - Regulatory and standard context
    Chapter 2 - Basics of electricity
    Chapter 3 - Risk analysis related to electricity
    Chapter 4 - Operations and certification levels
    Chapter 5 - Electrical hazards prevention
    Chapter 6 - Working with the power off
    Chapter 7 - Fires and accidents caused by electricity

    After each chapter, you gain access to a downloadable summary on “ key points ”. The learner will be able to consult this document whenever necessary.

    New product including numerous videos and very realistic 3D animations, for a better appropriation of knowledge by the learners.

    In order to ensure the consultation of the module in the best condictions, the computer workstation should have at least the following features:

    Prerequisites: computer

    Web browser
    Windows: Internet Explorer 8 and above, Microsoft Edge (latest version), Google Chrome (latest version), Firefox (latest version)

    Mac: Safari 7 and versions ultérieures, Google Chrome (latest version)

    Adobe Flash Player
    Adobe Flash Player 10.3 or above
    Activated on the browser
    1 Go minimum
    Display resolution
    1024x768 minimum
    Broadcast sound
    Sound card and speakers (or headphone)

    Prerequisites tablets / mobiles

    Not compatible