E-learning "Electrical certifications - BS / BE / HE"

e-learning electrical certifications

Theoretical training: initial and refresher courses

Electrical certifications BE Procedure/BS/HE for simple operations and procedures: elementary LV intervention manager, operations manager.

Fictis Prévention offers an e-learning solution tailored to your employees who have to perform electrical operations.


This e-learning module is intended for the personnel working on low voltage electrical structures.

Objectives of the training

  • Preparing the BE Procedures/BS/HE, certifications in compliance with the NF C 18-510 French norm, approved on December 21, 2011.
  • Safely carrying out simple operations, elementary LV interventions or procedures on low voltage electrical structures.


  • you simply register your employees on our/your platform.
  • the learner can access the training modules via internet and can remotely exchange with a consultant (mail, telephone, forum…).
  • at the end of the training, the trainee is assessed.
  • a certificate is created and ready to send. The practical training will be carried out by your trainers.


Average duration of the training: 5h30.
Realisation and production: Fictis Prévention
Distribution medium: e-learning module
Languages: English, French, Spanish
Formacode : 24049
Fees: consult us

Customisation of the module

This module can be customised in both substance and form.
We can integrate:

  • your instructions;
  • your graphical charter.

    Initial training mode: the learner follows all the chapters and is assessed at the end of the course.

    Refresher mode: placement tests enable the learners to automatically provide the appropriate training to their knowledge. The refresher duration varies depending on the learners’ profiles.

    Chapter 1 - Regulatory and standard context
    Chapter 2 - Basics of electricity
    Chapter 3 - Risk analysis related to electricity
    Chapter 4 - Operations and certification levels
    Chapter 5 - Electrical hazards prevention
    Chapter 6 - Fires and accidents caused by electricity
    Chapter 7 - LV interventions
    Chapter 8 - Procedures

    After each chapter, you gain access to a downloadable summary on “ key points ”. The learner will be able to consult this document whenever necessary.

    New product including numerous videos and very realistic 3D animations, for a better appropriation of knowledge by the learners.

    In order to view the module in the best conditions, the trainee’s computer must comply with the following standards.

    Our modules are developed in HTML5.

    Common technical requirements

    Enabled in your web browser
    Memory 1 Go minimum
    Display resolution 1024x768 minimum
    Broadcast sound technology Broadcast sound card and audio speakers (or headphone)

    Requirement: 1 Mbps and beyond
    Cases of use:
    Betwween 500 Kbps and 1 Mbps: rare latency
    Between 250 and 500 Kbps: possible latency for video
    Below 250 Kbps: regular latency
    Below 100 Kbps and cellular network: Fictis Prévention does not guarantee proper functioning of the modules

    Computer requirements - HTML 5 version

    Web browser Windows: Microsoft Edge 25 minimum, Google Chrome 48 minimum, Firefox 43 minimum.
    Mac : Safari 9 minimum, Google Chrome 48 minimum.

    Mobile devices and tablets requirements

    Apple iOS 7 and above:

    Web browser

    Safari 9 minimum, Google Chrome 48 minimum, for French versions.

    Android OS 4.4 and above:

    Web browser

    Google Chrome 48 minimum