Handbook of safe electrical operating procedures

Regulatory obligation:

Article R. 4544-10 of the French Labour Code (excerpt):
The employer provides each worker with a handbookof safe operating procedures which is based on therelevant procedures of standard NF C 18-510, alongwith, where necessary, safety instructions specific tothe work being carried out.


Handbook intended to the personnel who has completed a training "Electrical autorisation"

The electrical regulation in France aims to ensure the protection of assets and people against risks caused by electricity.

Among the four decrees published in 2010 and transposed in the Labour Code, a decree related to operations on electrical installations or in within vicinity, requires the employer, depending on the situations, to train his workers and authorise them.


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Electrical and non-electrical operations
Environment of the structures and installations
Risk analysis
Preventive measures
Authorisation levels
Behaviour to adopt in the event of an incident
Specific safety instructions